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Immerse yourself in the opulent universe of Rado, where an exquisite selection of unparalleled timepieces awaits your discovery and acquisition at Exclusive Lines.
Rado is known as the Master of Materials. We have revolutionized traditional watchmaking, leading the industry by introducing high-tech ceramic, ultralight high-tech ceramic, colourful high-tech ceramic and Ceramos™ to our design-led collections. An award-winning designer with numerous prestigious international prizes to its name, Rado is considered the most forward-thinking design player in the watch industry today. The mission to set the standard for the watch industry, to lead and pioneer remain unchanged. Materials, innovation, technology, history, lightness, smoothness, design, warmth, energy, agelessness, durability, vibrancy, style, fashion, colours, the past, present and future are all part of the compelling Rado story Feel It! represents.